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The Wind and Percussion Instruments Department was originally founded in 1978 as a part of the Orchestra Instruments Department. Its first Head, Honoured artist of Russia, professor M.L. Kuritsky was followed by assistant professor L.G. Gorovoy, an outstanding musician and teacher, who headed the Department after its separation. Among its faculty members were some musicians of the symphony orchestra –  Honoured artist of Russia Assistant Professor P.F. Sharhov (clarinet) and the laureate of International music Competition, true virtuoso M. Dubirny (trombone). The present Head of the Wind and Percussion Instruments Department is Assistant Professor A.V. Mikheyev, a former graduate from Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts, now a post- graduate of St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire, whose supervisor of studies is Honoured  Artist of Russia, the laureate of All-Russian and International Music Competitions Professor V.P. Besruchenko. Among the Department faculty are former graduates from KSIA Honoured  Artist of Russia Assistant Professor V.I. Babich and Senior Teacher P.N. Kazimir, former graduates from Leningrad Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire Honoured  Artist of Russia Assistant Professor T.N. Savelieva and A.V. Ivanov (the latter continued his training as a probationer at Moscow Gnesins Musical Institute under professor M.I. Kashinsky and at advanced course of training at Moscow State Conservatoire under Professor Y.N. Dolzhikov), a former graduate from Saratov Conservatoire Assistant Professor A.V. Kryzhanovsky, a former graduate from Petrozavodsk Conservatoire Honoured  Artist of Russia Assistant Professor Y. V. Zaitchuk, a former graduate from Novosibirsk Glinka Conservatoire Senior Teacher S.N. Cherepanov, a former graduate from Gorky Glinka Conservatoire Senior Teacher A.Y. Slobodin. Both undergraduates and graduates of the Department bring glory to their teachers by successful work in famous orchestras. For example, A. Mikheyev,s pupils N. Vidiashova and A. Kolosova are working as concertmasters in Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre orchestra, I. Varliuchev is a concertmasters in Krasnoyarsk Musical Comedy Theatre orchestra. A.Y. Slobodin,s graduates have become the concertmasters of the French horn section in Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra (A. Lisovitsky) and in the National Orchestra of Israel (D. Pilnik).


The students of the Wind and Percussion Instruments Department reseive numerous awards at various music competitions. L. Efimova and O. Britova (class of Associate Professor Y.V. Zaitchuk) became diploma winners of the «Nadezhda-98» International music competition. N. Vidiashova (class Assistant Professor A.V. Mikheyev), D. Novicov and V. Sukhanov ( class of Senior Teacher P.N. Kazimir) received diplomas of the «Nadezhda-2001» music competition. A. Lisovitsky (class of Senior Teacher A.Y. Slobodin) and E. Kudriashov (class of Senior Teacher A.D. Osinkin) were honoured as the First Prize laureates of the same competition. In December 2001 O. Obukhova (a post-graduate of assistant Professor A.V. Ivanov) was recognized with the Second Prize Award at the all-Russian Festival Chamber Music «Siberian Chamber Assemblies». Creative and research activities of the Department faculty is reflected in numerous published training books and settings for wind instruments, such as «Perfomer’s Breathing», «Advice for Wind Instrument Perfomer», « Wind Instrument Perfomer’s Regime» by A.V. Ivanov, A.D. Osinkin’s «Setting for Tuba and Piano», 20 etudes for Tuba, 50 compositions for various ensembles by P.N. Kazimir, and others.


The Humanities Chair


Our Academy has two peculiarities: its rather small number of students and one-to-one training their specialities music and theatre. The The Humanities Chair is an integral part of the Academy. We take great pride in teaching all the Academy students social science disciplines, foreign languages, PE, life security. Besides we train post-graduates in aesthetics and foreign languages. We give our students, both musicians and actors, the opportunity to broaden their horizons, be aware of belonging to a professional community of widely educated specialists. The faculty of the Chair consists of 18 members (including our faculty members and those combining their teaching posts at our Academy and other institution). Among our faculty members are Professor  N.N. Isayeva, assistant Professors V.L. Kruglov, N.A. Vink, N.P. Shutova, Senior Teachers G.T. Logachiova, N.I. Pedchenko, N.P. Andrievskaya, L.M. Bashtacova, I.N. Trofimenko. The longest-working faculty members are N.P. Andrievskaya, teaching PE since 1985 and N.P. Shutova who has been English teacher since 1986. In 1991 N.A. Vink and V.L. Kruglov  joined the faculty of the chair. Three faculty members were promoted to Assistant Professors: N.A. Vink (1995), V.L. Kruglov (1998), N.P. Shutova (2000). The best measure of our successful activities lies in positive work of all members of our faculty: 2 Professors, Doctors of science (N.N. Isayeva, Doctor of Study of Art and L. I. Grigorieva, Doctor of Philosophy), 7 candidates of Sciense, 8 Assistant Professors. The students are taught 17-18 disciplines: history of Russia, psychology, pedagogies (at the musical department), ethics (at the theatre department), philosophy, history of costume and history of fine arts (at the theatre department), history of culture and art (at the musical department), modern economic theories, foundations of law, foreign languages (English, German, French, Italian), physical education, life security, history of Russian culture and art, history of literature (for musicologists). Some special sets of disciplines are also delivered for students. Scientific and creative work of the Chair is of great importance. The faculty members took an active part in All-Russian scientific conferences «D. Shostakovich and word culture» (1996), «F. Shubert and the XX  century culture» (1997), «Artistic education system: school-college-academy» (1997). The last three years saw regular «round tables» held by the Chair faculty for Musical and Theatre Departments Teachers. These events always attract attention of the faculty members of other institutions (KSU, KSPU, SibSTU, KSAU and others). Reseach activity of the faculty is reflected in numerous textbooks and training books.


The History of Music, Theory and Composition Chair




The chair was founded in 1980, but the first members of the faculty arrived in 1979, teaching at the time as members of the Choral  Conducting and Theory Chair. Among its first faculty members were a musicologist L.V. Gavrilova (a graduate from Leningrad State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatorie), composers O.L. Prostitov and V.A. Beshevli and musicologist E.A. Remenson (a graduate Novosibirsk State Conservatoire). Three graduates from  one of the leading conservatories in Russia being sent, the Leningrad Composers union (its Head A.P. Petrov and Secretary A.P. Uteshev) began planning to organize the Krasnoyarsk Union of Composers. Soon afterwords the first members of the faculty were joined by a composer O.I. Meremkulov and  musicologist P.A. Yukhvidin from Ufa. In 1980 after separation of the Theory and Composition Chair it was headed by an experienced teacher and talented composer O.I. Meremkulov. In 1981 the first students began to study musicology. The period following these years witnessed the development of the Chair /among with the young  Institute of Arts), the most dominant characteristic of which was a constant cross-fertilization among various schools of musicology of our country. Ųņ 1982 the faculty was joined by the first Candidat of Study of Art L.P. Kazantseva (a former post graduate from Moscow Gnesins Musical Institute. Now she is Doctor of Study of Art, professor, Vice-Rector for Research Activities of Astrakhan State Conservatoire. She was followed by a graduate from Far-Eastern State Institute of Art N.I. Efimova. /Now she is Doctor of Study of Art, Professor of the Arts Department of Moscow Lomonosov-State University/. In 1983 three more young faculty members contributed to the development of the Chair: V.V. Tchaikina /a graduate from Moscow Gnesins Musical Institute/, N.M. Naiko /Ural State Conservatoire/ and the composer V.N. Senegin /Moscow State Conservatoire/. The presence of such Talented and perspective composers led to the foundation in Krasnoyarsk the Department of the Composers Union of Russia. Throughout two decades its activity has been closely connected with the History and Theory of Music Chair. 1986 saw the inception of the class of composition and three years later the History and Theory of Music of Chair was divided into the History of Music Chair and the Theory of Music and Composition one. In 1984 two more faculty members began teaching career: I.V. Efimova, Candidat of Study of Art, a graduate from Leningrad Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatoire and V.V. Ponomarev, a composer, graduate from Novosibirsk Conservatoire. Most of these faculty members have been working at the Chair up to now, unlike some other young teachers who accepted teaching posts later and left the Chair after a short period of time.


And contemporaneity…The 25-eyear period was quite enough


The stagecraft Department.


The Department was founded in 1978, its first Head being Honoured Art Worker of Russia, Director of the Pushkin Drama Theatre, Assistant Professor N.I. Basin. Later he was followed by the former Head of the similar Department at the Far-Eastern Institute of Arts Assistant Professor A.Y. Mamontov and then by Honoured Artist of Russia L.V. Beliavsky. The section of stage speech was headed by the actor of the Pushkin Drama Theatre V.Y. Zhukovsky, now Honoured Artist of Russia. The following period of time saw such Heads of the Department as  Honoured Artist of Russia E.L. Yelfand;  Candidate of Study of Arts Assistant Professor V.V. Vershinin;  Honoured Artist of Kabardian-Balkan  Republic Professor L.V. Kalinovsky. Of basic importance was the activity of the latter who developed a radically novel style of actors’ training , the most distinctive feature of which was the Vakhtangov’s methodology, practiced in the Shchukin High Theatre College, the so-called « Shchukin’s  methodology». 1992-2001 witnessed Honoured Artist of Russia Professor K.A. Voshikov as the Head of the Department. The faculty (as the Head of the Courses) include Honoured Artist of Russia Professor K.A. Voshikov, People’s Artist of Russia Assistant Professor V.Y. Diakonov, Assistant Proffesor E.V. Bubnova (one of the first graduates of the Department), Senior Teacher I.V. Gudkov, Honoured Art of Russia Senior Teacher Y.I. Gvozdikov. The present Head of both the Department and the Course is Honoured Artist of Russia Professor I.V. Kalinovskaya. It should be noted that many Department graduates are putting now much energy and enthusiasm into their work at the theatres of  Moscow, St. Peterburg, Samara, Vologda, Magnitogorsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tula, Volgograd as well as the Krasnoyarsk  Pushkin Drama Theatre, the young Spectator’s Theatre and T.V. It  is interesting to note that the most dominant characteristic of actor’s Training is the principle «from simple things to complicated  ones». The first-year students are taught the first elements of mastery. They are strictly prohibited to identify themselves wish any character, the peculiarity of the examination  studies after the completion of the first year being the statement «What should I do in suggested circumstances?». The second-year students are regarded to be able to observe and accumulate the qualities necessary for their penetrating  into the inner world of a character. Being a component of the curriculum (1,2,3 academic years) obligatory students’ appearances are of great importance. It successful these works may be admitted as degree ones revealing individuality of a young  actor’s mastery, stage speech (literary concerts and compositions under the guidance of stage directors K.A. Voshikov, V.Y. Zhukovsky, E.V. Bubnova, I.V. Kalinovskaya), in dance (choreographic performances «Oh, these dances are wonderful», «Dolls», «Winter Fantasy» under the directing of Senior Teacher of Dance I.A. Mymlikova) have become traditional.


The research activity of the faculty includes some training books by V.Y. Zhukovsky, articles by K.A. Voshikov and others. 1999 and 2002 witnessed Interregional Symposia «Theatre and Contemporaneity» held by the Department for the first time in Siberia. Artistic activity is reflected in approximately 100 productions and literary concerts a year for the residents of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk Region.


The Folk Instruments Department. 


The Folk Instruments Department was founded in 1978. The 25 year period was quite enough for the Department to put the main ideas into practice, to unite its faculty in the atmosphere of mutual understanding, inspiration and devotion to their work and their students. The creative and pedagogical career of the faculty may be divided into three periods: (I – 1978-1983) forming of faculty members, (II – 1984-1990) mastering teaching and methodology experience and forming  faculty’s creative subgroups, (III – 1991 up to nowadays) successful work in three main branches: pedagogical, scientific and performing. Among the first members of the faculty were V.A. Averin (balalaika), E.E. Yurist (bayan) and V.P. Zeliony (domra). A former  graduate of the Ural State Conservatoire and later a teacher of Astrakhan Conservatoire V.A. Averin became the first Head of the Department.  E.E. Yurist graduated from  Yorky State Glinka Conservatoire and V.P. Zeliony was a graduated from  Lvov State Conservatoire. Of great importance was the help of the Krasnoyarsk college of Arts faculty members especially by A.A. Lubennikov (who later worked as a teacher of the Department), I.I. Solomennikov, M.E. Butakov, G.R. Zinoviev and conductors I.V. Shpiller and N.E. Chunikhin. The faculty members considered professional training of folk instruments players to be their main idea. The noteworthy feature of Main 1983 was the first graduation of folk instruments players. All graduates passed their examination successfully. The following years brought a new generation of highly talented musicians and teachers: bayan players V.I. Litvin and A.Y. Bardin, the latter was also a conductor (both from the Gnesins State Moscow Pedagogical Institute), the laureate of All-Russian Music Competition domra player L.P. Vakhrusheva, a bayan player V.A. Breze, an accordion player I.A. Gerber (all from the Ural Conservatoire), specialists in conducting and  instrumentation V.I. and B.I. Farasovs, the laureate of All-Russian and International Music Competitions bayan player S.F. Naiko ((all from the Gnesins State Moscow Pedagogical Institute). Thus, by 1988 the faculty of the Department seemed to have been formed. It should be noted that two excellent groups were of great importance in musical life of the Department: the Orchestra of Bayans and Russian Folk Orchestra. Some time later they were united into the Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra which laid the foundation for the Municipal Russian Folk Orchestra. The latter has carried on the traditions begun by the Department Russian Orchestra. The second period in the development of the Department witnessed the birth of the unique ensemble. Thanks to the efforts of L.P. Vakhrusheva and V.P. Zeliony their duet of four-stringed domras won general acclaim in Krasnoyarsk Region and became the laureate and 2 Prize Winner at the 3 All-Russian Folk Instruments Performers Competition (Tula 1986). In 90s both musicians were promoted to Honoured Artist of Russia. Since 1988 besides bayan, balalaika and domra players the Department has been training accordion and quitar players both as full-time students and part-time ones. Of great significance was the foundation of post-graduate course (1992). By the 15 th anniversary of the Department the faculty had published the first scientific Transaction of their articles «Russian Folk Instruments: Their History, Theory, Methodology», followed by another transaction for the scientific conference. The 25 th anniversary of the Department was marked by the publication of the second transaction « Russian Folk Instruments: Their History, Theory, Methodology»  and Professor V.A. Averin’s monograph «People’s talents. About the History of Folk Instruments Performing in Krasnoyarsk Region». Numerous articles, brochures, training books by V.A. Averin, L.P. Vakhrusheva, V.I. Litvin, S.F. Naiko give a vivid picture of scientific activity of the faculty members. Constantly growing All-Russian significance of the  Department resulted in a large International festival of Folk Instruments Music (1994), organized and headed by S.F. Naiko. Among the faculty mrmbers are 6 Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 3 Senior Teachers and 1  Teachers. Following their best traditions the members of the faculty are looking for new forms of activities concerning the younger generation. Their classes have become an important part in the music education of the Luceum and College students.


The Compulsory Piano Department.


The piano classes being the second after classes in speciality, are an important part in the music education of any musician-performer. The dominating feature of this piano training is the necessity of paying attention to students’ speciality. Thus, vocalists are taught scales  and accompaniment; the performers – piano playing, reading the score and fingering; others orchestra members – sight reading and accompaniment; musicologist (future lectures and theoretical disciplines teachers) – examining orchestral scores and opera claviers, playing and analyzing tasks in harmony, etc. It should be noted that developing skills in piano playing is of the utmost importance for any musician. Outstanding teachers are known to be good pianists, for example M. Rostropovich, E. Svetlanov, G. Rozhdestvensky. The notable event in 1981 was the separation of the Compulsory Piano Department from the Spesian Piano Department. In different years among its faculty members were A. Dubovik, S. Usoltser, E. Merkulieva, E. Lauk, T. Rakhimkulov, N. Karponina, S. Velikanova, etc. At present the Department is headed by Assistant Professor E.A. Vasiutinskaya, a former graduate from  Novosibirsk Glinka State Conservatoire (1976) and then a postgraduate of the Gnesins State Moscow Pedagogical Institute. On-to-one classes are held according to the curriculum, consisting of the common parts and spesial ones (accompaniment, transposition, ensembles, settings, playing by car, improvisation). Concert appearance is also an important element of training. Many graduates of the  Department are successfully working as pianists. Thus, N. Shkola (choirmaster) was an accompanist at our Institute, M. Boyarkina (musicologist) is piano teacher at the 11 th Children’s Music School, M. Smirnova (musicologist) work as a piano and solfeggio teacher at the 8 th Children’s Music School, F. Zemlianskaya (musicologist) is an accompanist at the House for Children and Youth of Krasnoyarsk, L. Plotnikova (singer) is an accompanist at the Opera and Ballet Theatre.


The Department is known to be the methodology center for children’s music schools. The faculty deliver lectures, work as jury members at various competitions. In 2002 the Department played host to the Teachers of Krasnoyarsk College of Arts and Krasnoyarsk Choreographic College for the second seminar, important elements of which were interesting reports, students’ concerts and master classes.


The Solo Singing and Opera Fraining Department. 


The Department was founded in 1978. Its development is closely connected with that of cultural life in Krasnoyarsk Region. The main task to be solved was equalizing of the training level qiht that of the best conservatoires of Russia. It resulted in inviting many former  postgraduates from Moscow, Gorky and others cities. The first Head of the Department in 1978 was an experienced teacher, now Honoured Art Worker of Russia Professor E.K. Iofel. Among the first faculty members were Honoured Art Worker of Russia Professor N.P. Alexeyeva, Assistant Professor V.N. Karlova, People’s Artist of Russia Assistant Professor V.V. Efimov and others. A new generation of highly talented specialists awarded with honoured degrees represent the Department today. The Department has revealed many a great talent to the world of art. Among the many are laureate of International and All-Russian Music Competitions People’s Artist of Russia D. Khvorostovsky, N. Putilin, F. Vorozhtsova; Honoured Artist of Russia S. Likhobidin, G. Kichka, L. Popova, F. Artysheva, Z. Arshanova; laureates of International and All-Russian Music Competitions V. Kudashev, N. Gorban, A. Bogdanov, E. Lukianov, O. Alexeyev, E. Kalianova (awarded the «Golden Mask» National Prize).


Throughout a quarter of the century many graduates of the Department have been successfully working in numerous companies of Russia, such as the «New Opera» Theatre in Moscow, the Mariinsky Theatre in St.Peterburg, tht Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet House and the «Tebe Poem» Municipal Chamber Choir under direction of Honoured Artist of Russia Professor K. Yakobson. Creative activity of the faculty is of the utmost importance. Many times Professor E.K. Iofel worked as both a jury-member of various All-Russian and International vocal  competitions and the Choir of the jury at the 1 st All-Russian Slovsov Concert. She regularly holds master classes in St.Peterburg, Amsterdam, publishes scientific works. The members of the faculty E.T. Semikova, Z.G. Tarayan, N.N. Sokolova, N.P. Alexeyeva, E.S. Oleinikov, L.M. Popova give numerous concerts and make lots of recordings for Krasnoyarsk radio and TV. Many faculty have successfully toured abroad: N.P. Alexeyeva as a member of the « Tebe Poem» Choir in France, Switzerland, Holland, Argentina; E.T. Semikova in Italy, Germany; L.M. Popova as a member of Krasnoyarsk Dance Company of Siberia in Austria, Japan, the USA, South America. The present Head of the Department Honoured Artist of Russia V.V. Efimov has successful concert experience both in Russia and abroad, in America, Europe and Asia. He was also a member of  jury of All-Russian and International Competitions. Research activity  of the faculty is reflected in scientific and methodology works by E.K. Iofel, S.P. Chernobelsky, N.P. Alexeyeva, A.H. Kosinovsky, V.N. Karlova.


The String Instruments Department.


Since the time it was founded (1982) the Department has been headed by M.I. Beniumov, now Honoured Artist  of Russia, Candidate of Study of Art, Professor who has been working at our Academy since 1978. Originally, the Department was a part of the Orchestra Instruments Department. Among its first faculty were I.Y. Fleisher (since 1979), now Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor; Senior Teacher M.V. Busarkina and M.F. Georgieva (s.1983); E.M. Preisman, now Corresponding Member of Siberian Academy of Science of HS, Doctor of Stady of Art, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research and Creative Work. The members of the faculty are known to be highly talented musicians and teachers, former graduates from the leading conservatoires of Russia: M.I. Beniumov, I.M. Lisenkova, M.V. Busarkina (all from the Gnessins State Moscow Pedagogical Institute); I.Y. Fleisher (Rostov Musical Institute); N.V. Lisenkova (Novosibirsk Conservatoire); L.S. Slobodina (Novgorod Conservatoire). The following period saw a new generation of young talented graduates from Krasnoyarsk State Institut of Arts – M.F. Georgieva, F.N. Friska, F.L. Chernicova, A.L. Rogatkina, E.A. Prokopiev, O. Matskova, A. Kolbin, H. Kartoyeva, E. Kolotvina (all former postgraduate from our Academy); A. Merkulova (a former postgraduate from Russian Academy of Music); E. Zhelezniakov and V. Vrublevsky (former postgraduate from Ural Conservatoire); V. Kossinsky (a former postgraduate from Novosibirsk Conservatoire). Throughout the last 25 years both solo and ensemble performing of the faculty members has been an important element of all concert seasons in Krasnoyarsk. It should be noted that M.I. Beniumov hasoften aappeared as a soloist of the orchestra. The faculty members have successful concert experience both as soloists and players of the  orchestra not only in Russia, but abroad, in Italy, Spain, the Usa, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Japan. We take great pride in artistic career of Krasnoyarsk Municipal Chamber Orchestra, whose founder and artistic director is M.I. Beniumov. 1994-1998 saw its four successful quest performances in Italy, where the Orchestra’s participation in more than 10 festivals in the cities Arezzo, Monte-San-Sanino, Ferrara, Milan, Bologna, Modena, Cesanatico was highly appreciated by critics.  The noteworthy feature of 2003 was the concert tour of Krasnoyarsk Municipal Chamber Orchestra in Spain, where it was a participant of International Music Commpetitions in Siquenza, Ellorio, Suec, Guadalakhara, Valencia.


Of great importance is the research activity of the faculty. It is reflected in numerous monographs, articles, training books and textbooks. The faculty members took an active part in more than 30 scientific conferences, symposia, congresses. It should be noted than the first defence of the thesis at the Academy was prepared by M.I. Beniumov in 1986. It was followed by theses for Candidate’s degree by V.V. Reva (now Professor of Ural Conservatoire), T.M. Preisman and V.F. Tretiachenko. 2003 witnessed the  defence of the thesis for the Doctor’s degree E.M. Preisman. The creative active of the faculty results in many transcriptions and treatments, such as Bach’s «Six suites for cello solo» (transcription and commentaries by I.Y. Fleisher), N. Miaskovsky’s «Yellow Pages»,  Bach’s Adagio from Toccata C-dur (tr. For viola by I.Y. Fleisher) and others. The methodology activity of the faculty is reflected in methodology conferences for string instruments teachers of musical colleges and schools of Krasnoyarsk Region, in organizing regional competitions for young musiciants. The faculty actively participate as chairs and members of jury of various International, All-Russian and Siberian Contests. The best measure of our successful activity lies in cooperation qith such outstanding musicians as People’s Artists of Russia N. Sharkhovskaya, I. Bochkova, I. Frolov, I. Oistrakh, V. Fonha; Professor of Novosibirsk State  Conservatoire M.A. Kusina J.N. Mazchenko, Z.N. Bron; Professor of Hannover High Music School T. Vikk and others. The faculty hand down their experience and skill to the younger generation aho bring glory to their teachers. The graduates from the Department are working now in many concert companies, music instutions and orchestras  both in our country and abroad, in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Tomsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk and others. It should be noted that our graduates constitute the basis of the orchestras of the Opera and Ballet Theatre and the Young Spectator’s Theatre. About two-thirds of musicians of the string section of Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra are our former graduates. The Krasnoyarsk Municipal Chamber Orchestra was formed from the graduates and undergraduates of our Department. In 1999 the great event in musical life of  Krasnoyarsk was the birth of the professional quartet of Krasnoyarsk  State Philharmonic, which consisted of our former students I. Fyshchenko, E. Shirova, F. Chesrnikova, T. Friska, and later A. Rogatkina, O. Prudys, N. Abdiusheva. Some  graduates have become talented teachers themselves. Many students of the Department and College attached to the Academy have become laureates of various competitions: the «Nadezhda» Youth Festival, the «Siberian Chamber Assemblies» competition, the Young Violinist of Siberia Contest (Novosibirsk), the «Baikal String» International Competition, the «Norshern Violin» International Festival. The faculty’s creative work won high appreciation in Europe. In 2002 and 2003 some gifted students of our Department were invited to take part in International Festival organized by Stuttgart Bach Academy.



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